{GIVEAWAY!!!} Give me your health & fitness ideas!

Anyone else getting inspired — or maybe shamed — by these amazing Olympic athletes? I just watched Rebecca Soni break her own world record in the 200M breaststroke. I, for one, could definitely learn a thing or two about dedication & healthy living from any one of these competitors.

While my cousins all competed in swimming & water polo, going to the Junior Olympics & getting college scholarships in the process, I…. was in the band. So athleticism is not something that I’ve exactly done all my life. And after kid number two my body’s not exactly bouncing back like it probably should be. So how can I get started when I’ve never really had a diet program or fitness routine?

That’s where SlimKicker comes in. It’s a calorie counter & game (similar to CalorieKing, for those of you who are more experienced with the whole healthy lifestyle thing than I am) that turns your diet & fitness goals into a level-up game. Earn points by tracking your healthy calories & completing mini health challenges like giving up chocolate for a week. Then snap & upload a photo of a cheat food — Magnolia cupcake, anyone? — or that killer pair of shoes you’ve been coveting, & when you reach the designated number of points for being good, SlimKicker reminds you to reward yourself! They also have forums & support groups with other like-minded people to help you reach your health & fitness goals.

Sounds pretty nifty, right?

What would be even niftier? This fantastic Pyle HR monitor & calorie counter!

leave a comment below with a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge you’d like to use in your SlimKicker regimen. They’ll choose their favorite, & the winner will get this fantastic to help you with your goals! Comments will be accepted until 9pm Eastern next Wednesday, the 8th.

I look forward to seeing your ideas & hopefully using some for myself! Good luck!



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5 responses to “{GIVEAWAY!!!} Give me your health & fitness ideas!

  1. A good challenge for me would be no nighttime snacking!! I’d reward myself with an overnight trip to Starved Rock for a hike!

  2. Janell Watson

    Love your blog – hope to win. !

  3. Barbara ence

    Good challenge for me would be to cut sweets–or reduce the amount I eat by a lot. Being pregnant for the past few months and giving in to every single sweets craving during that time has really done a number on my body!

  4. Ursula

    This isn’t really a “fun” idea, but the whole SlimKicker thing excites me! I use plain old boring calorie counting but to have it as a game?!?! Wow! I’m so there with you on being inspirted by Olympians and wanting to change more than just my body, but my overall health. I REALLY want that HR monitor :-), that way I could stop borrowing Leah’s and have my very own that shows calories burned without me having to plug in all my info on an online calculator. Oh, and I do enjoy your blog, especially recipes ;-).

  5. Ursula

    Okay….I see I need to post a challenge! I have many LOL! A big one would be for me would be to replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one. Grab fruit as an afternoon snack instead of chips, give up 30 minutes of TV/internet time to do 30 minutes of cardio, go to bed an hour earlier instead of watching “one more….” to be more energized for this healthier lifestyle. Small, do-able changes that would yield results! That’s my challenge!

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