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Quick, last-minute (but always cute & thoughtful) Teacher Appreciation gift.

Hi all! Long time no see! I’ll be posting sporatically over the next little while, & I have a feeling that all of them will be themed: “quick & easy,” & often “can be done one-handed.”

I sat down to write this quick post before the Mini-Munchkin woke up, but as she’s starting to stir, this is going to be even quicker than I thought.

The Munchkin had her first ballet recital Saturday. It was beyond adorable. They danced to “Animal Crackers in my Soup,” & because I’m the doting mommy, I’m going to force you to look at her darling costume:

She looks forward to ballet class every week, & her teachers, Ms. Erin & Ms. Lisa, did such a great job with those two-year-olds (my sister calls it “herding cats”) that I wanted to do a little something for them. There are fantastic teacher appreciation ideas all over Pinterest & the blogosphere, but I didn’t have time to do something intricate, & there was no way I was going to venture to Michael’s with two Munchkins.

Thanks to Crystal & Company’s free printable, I was able to make something in less than 10 minutes with items I had on hand. All I needed was gumballs, which I was able to get on a routine trip to Target. & the teachers loved them!

So if you’re one of the few whose school isn’t out & are looking for something cute but quick to show your appreciation, go to her blog for the full instructions. Now I’ve got to go feed a hungry Mini-Munchkin.

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