Broomstick Treat Bags.

You’ve probably seen these floating around (pun intended) the blogosphere in the past, but they are so cute & easy I thought I’d share them anyway.

Here’s what you need for each:

  • 2 brown paper lunch sacks
  • 1 pretzel rod or a stick from your backyard
  • treats to fill it with
  • festive ribbon or raffia

Now here’s all you have to do:

  1. Cut a few inches off the tops of your bags. Take 1 bag & cut thin strips down about an inch. Then open the other bag & fold out the bottom so you don’t cut into it. Cut thin strips almost all the way down the length of the bag.
  2. Now here’s the hardest part of the whole process: putting bag #1 inside bag #2. Open both bags, then pull the bag with the long strips around the bag with the short ones. Horrible explanation, I know. You can figure it out & say it better than I can, I’m sure.
  3. Fill the bag with goodies. Then place the pretzel rod in the middle & gather the bags around it. Make sure all of the strips make it into your handful.
  4. Tie the ribbon around it. Really tight. Then pull the pretzel rod out a couple inches so it’s still firmly in there, but the broomstick looks more to scale with the bottom of the broom.
  5. Fluff out the little strips above the ribbon, & you’re done!

In addition to working for Halloween, they’d be great at a Harry Potter party. Just finish them off with a golden Snitch nametag & (this brilliant idea comes from My Husband Who Refuses To Read The Books But Still Knows Everything About The HP Series) a hippogriff feather!

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5 responses to “Broomstick Treat Bags.

  1. Cool! Looks simple and unique at the same time.

  2. There are too cute! What a great idea.

  3. These will probably be made for Trunk or Treat this year!
    My these is 50’s candy Shoppe! so MAYBE I can make these fit into the themes!!

    Please stop by for a little visit

  4. Tell your funny husband that I will be making mine with moon horcruxes!

  5. Brilliant! Love, love, love ~ visiting from TT& J!

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