Finding balance in transitions.

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My Husband The Lawyer (yay! We can finally say that!) has been officially employed for 2 weeks. He gets home after 7 every night. Because of this, we’ve had to move dinner & bedtime back, just so he can get an hour of face time with The Munchkin. Days are long (for him & for me). Patience is short (that’s just me). The Munchkin is also starting to reject naps, choosing instead to lie in her bed & talk to herself for over an hour before finally dropping off for less than that… & then getting cranky at like 6:30. That makes patience shorter.

After the mad “Daddy’s home, eat dinner, clean up, bath, PJs, teeth, hair, binky, story, prayer, kisses, lullabye, bed” rush, My Husband The Love Of My Life & I have less than 2 hours to do the stuff we didn’t get to during the day (blog posts, emails, dishes, etc.), get ready for bed… oh, & that thing called “interacting.” (Apparently sitting next to each other on the couch with the TV on while mutely staring at our own laptops doesn’t count.)

Then Saturday comes. We try to cram in all the family time we didn’t get during the week, & are completely exhausted for church on Sunday. We may or may not get a post-church nap. We chat with family, eat dinner, go to bed…

& do the whole thing over again the next week.

So if the quality of the photos, or depth of writing, or amount of inspiration here at Make Myself at Home has been lacking over these past couple weeks, that would be why. I’m trying to find a good time to write & brainstorm, but it’s a work in progress. Thanks so much for your patience with me & for your friendly comments! It definitely helps on those days when I’m thinking I have nothing to write about. Thanks for holding me accountable; hopefully things will get back to — & even exceed — the level you’ve come to expect.

Stay tuned!



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5 responses to “Finding balance in transitions.

  1. Bethany Reese

    Feel the same way, you got it dead on! I’m just impressed you manage to get everything done in the 2 hours after the munchin goes to bed..we’re usually in bed after midnight which adds more grumpiness all around! But congrats to your hubby on his new job! Hope you are liking your new home too!

  2. vblanchard

    It’s hard to establish new routines. Right now we’re in the honeymoon period of our move because school hasn’t started yet so Ry is home all day to play and help (love it!). But once school starts, he’s going to be very busy. I’m worried about how busy he’ll be and how I’ll settle in to a new routine. You have my condolences on the nap situation—nap time is my most cherished time of the day, and with baby #2 coming, I’m praying that Katie keeps her naps till her 3rd birthday. Fingers are crossed!

  3. What?! Sitting together on the couch watching TV with laptops isn’t interaction? Seriously, your days sound just like mine. There’s gotta be an easier way!

  4. Aw that sounds so hard! I can’t even tell you how impressed I am with you and your blog and your family. You are superwoman Catherine! I think you are doing a fantastic job balancing. I do hope things get easier soon!

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