We’re moving!

After 4 years of law & professional school & lots & lots of waiting, My Husband The Lawyer can finally be called a lawyer! He just got his dream job, so we’re moving! See if you can guess where.

They have lots of these:

& these:

& we’ll be an hour & a half west of this guy:

We’re very excited about this new opportunity, but I’ll be sad to leave NYC & all the amazing stuff here.

Anyone from the area who can give me some tips?



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5 responses to “We’re moving!

  1. vblanchard

    Florida! Congratulations! You must be so relieved to have a job! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Laura

    Yay for getting the job!!! We are thrilled for you!!

  3. Florida! Congratulations. You must be so happy! You’ll have lots of new things to write about too.

  4. You will love Florida, just decide that it’s normal for it to be 80 degrees at Christmas. But seriously, while there are many differences there are as many cool things about living in Florida.Good Move!!

  5. Oh my gosh congratulations to your hubby!!! That sounds like such a big change, but I’m sure it will be absolutely amazing! I’m so happy for your and your family!

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