Staying cool in (& out of) the city.

Happy June, everybody! Here in the tri-state area it’s already been 8 zillion degrees for like 2 weeks… & before that it was cold & rainy. Where did spring go, I wonder?

On Saturday we decided to beat the heat by heading to Central Park & splashing around in one of the city’s many fabulous splash parks. The Munchkin’s grandparents sent her this Patagonia swim dress made of quick-drying swim-trunk material; it was perfect for not only this, but for the stroller & train ride home too: she just stayed in it the whole time & dried off fine — no peeling off & carrying around soggy suits! She enjoyed running away from the jets & splashing in the puddles.

But I’ll tell you what: the splash park was nowhere near worth the really hot, sticky walk there & back — much less the train fare — for her dad & me. So how could we all stay closer to home & still get outside without frying?

The correct answer is a water table — if you’re not moving in 2 months. No point in buying one more thing to pack, right? So I tried to figure out how to improvise one of our own in the meantime.

I grabbed a mixing bowl full of tap water, some tupperware & a lid, a slotted spoon, & The Munchkin’s IKEA stacking cups (we use these for everything, & as a result we’re down one or two), & we headed to our delightfully shaded (less delightful when trying to take pictures) balcony.

We splashed. (I hope our downstairs neighbors weren’t home!)

We learned how to scoop water out of one container & “dump” (her favorite word while doing this, apparently) it into the other. There was a “no-dumping” rule attached to the large containers… As you can see by the size of the puddle, it took a couple tries to understand that concept.

We stopped for a drink — dumping is thirsty work!

Then, when all the water had been dumped out of the containers & down onto our neighbor’s balcony, we decided the bowl would make a beautiful hat. Williams-Sonoma should add that to their product description! “Multi-purpose — great for dress-up.”

What a fun way to beat the heat — & it took no prep work at all! Maybe we don’t need that water table after all…

How do you & your kids have fun when it’s a zillion degrees outside?

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6 responses to “Staying cool in (& out of) the city.

  1. Absolutely adorable! When we lived on Barrington, my favorite neighbor and I would fill up buckets with water and a few drops of dish detergent for our sons. Voila: fun, soapy water for them to splash and play with. They used measuring cups, bath toys and beach toys. Thanks for this post. It brings back great memories, even in apartment living.

  2. Such cute pictures!!! That’s a great idea – and the Munchkin sure looked happy! One of my favorite summer things to do when I was younger was bring a big heavy duty tarp to a local park and set up a slip n’ slide. As long as you can find a hose outlet, you’re set! I think I was a little bit older than the Munchkin when I first learned to slip n’ slide though. So much fun!
    Star Hughes Living

  3. Leah

    Here in San Diego, it’s actually been somewhat overcast. June Gloom has officially begun. I know I shouldn’t complain about weather here. But it’s tough when you’re used to sun. I love the water table idea though. My daughter would be so into that.

    • Ah yes, June Gloom! Growing up in Santa Monica, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I loved it! Except when I was trying to go to the beach.

  4. Nothing works better than a little water to keep small ones entertained!

  5. Mandy

    We do have a water table and loooooove it! This is a fun idea though.

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