My denim dilemma.

I’m a jeans girl. I live in them. But I’ve developed a problem lately. Since having The Munchkin, it seems that all my jeans are ripping at the knees! It would seem that all the crouching, kneeling, crawling, & knee-walking one does with a toddler is detrimental to denim. You think I’m exaggerating? Let’s take a look:

Pair number one: Guess Monterey straight. I’ve had these since before I was pregnant with The Munchkin. These were my FAVORITE JEANS EVER. When they started to wear at the knees, I bought…

Pair number two: GAP 1969 straight. (Seeing a pattern here? I go with what works, people.) After less than a month, both knees ripped. Like, Axl-Rose, we’re-back-in-the-’90s ripped. Right in the middle of the 5th Ave.-53rd St. subway station. I crouched down to talk to The Munchkin, & riiiiiiip. Audibly. In a subway station. Hey, at least it wasn’t the sides or something, right? So then I decided maybe Guess was the way to go after all &, upon trying & failing to find the exact pair from 3 years earlier, I got…

Pair number three: Guess Nicole cigarette. & yesterday I discovered that the right knee is threadbare in these too!

So as you can see above, I took the pair I liked least (the fabric doesn’t feel quite right, & besides, I’d had the least amount of time of the three to bond with them) & cut them off just above the rip to make some Bermudas. Generally I’m pretty opposed to cutoffs, but I was inspired by the bottom photo of this post by Mormon mommy blogger Natalie Holbrook, whose husband was in classes at NYU with my husband, & who’s way cooler & hipper (word?) than me, & is super nice besides. She rolled them up a bit at the knee to make them less cutoff-looking. Then I was in Nordstrom Rack yesterday & saw tons of denim Bermudas cut & sewn the same way — on purpose! So I must have something right. They look super cute on, but I’m not a fashionista, this is not a fashion blog, & my husband is not a fashion photographer, so I’m going to spare you the pain. But I feel pretty proud of myself nonetheless.

So, friends, here’s the denim dilemma (dilenimma?): I’ve taken care of one pair; what do I do to keep wearing the other two pairs of holey jeans without looking like I wish I were back in the ’90s? & how can I keep my future pairs of jeans from doing the same thing just as I’m getting attached?

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6 responses to “My denim dilemma.

  1. Natalie Hoch

    Knee pads?

  2. Barbara Ence

    We share the same dilemma! I was thinking of turning one pair into a denim skirt…but since the holes are right at the knee I’m wondering if it would be a teency bit too short?

    • Ooh, I like it! But I have no sewing machine & certainly not the sewing skills you have. If you do make one, please send me a picture! I just saw the cutest denim pencil skirt in the Boden catalog, but it was too short for sure… So it must mean denim skirts are back!

  3. Buy one pair that you only use for outtings and “special trips” where you want to look less like a mom. Wear the others the rest of the time. Of course, this is coming from the woman who only owns one pair of jeans. Eddie Bauer boot leg cut.

  4. I have some jean shorts that started to rip (but they were my favorite so I just couldn’t get rid of them!) so I found some vintage fabric and sewed little patches on the holes… It might not get you out of the 90s look but I sure think it’s cute!!!

    Star Hughes Living

  5. If it makes you feel any better…. I just bought a pair of cute capris jeans that had rips in the knee. I laughed bc I felt like I was back in the 90s…. but they are cute! So you go with your hole jeans! 🙂

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