Mother’s Day in real life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, grandmas, moms-to-be, & women with a mother heart out there! I had every intention of posting something delicious that even your husband could make to spoil you with today, but then this happened:

This is how I spent the whole weekend, from our 5th anniversary on Friday (well, strictly speaking, I spent it awake starting at 3:45am with an ear-infected Munchkin & then attempting to recuperate for the rest of the day while My Husband The Soon-To-Be-LLM-Graduate took a final & The Munchkin watched more Disney movies than is healthy for a person her size) to Mother’s Day today. I’m still exhausted & hacking like a 4-pack-a-day smoker, but I think the worst may be over & I’ll be back to posting delicious recipes & fun crafts soon!

(I will say that My Husband The Also Sick & Studying For Finals But Still Thoughtful & Romantic did buy me two types of flowers to celebrate both occasions, made us lunch & “brinner” with The Munchkin’s help today, & has been showering me with love & concern all weekend. So Mother’s Day was a success in that regard.)

I hope that Mother’s Day was healthier & happier for you! How did you celebrate?

P.S.: If it wasn’t as happy as you’d hoped, do yourself a favor & try to track down the “Mother’s Day” episode of Season 1 of “The Middle” for a good laugh. (If you do find it online for free somewhere, give me the link! I couldn’t find it anywhere!)



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5 responses to “Mother’s Day in real life.

  1. Leah

    Beautiful photo. That summed up my afternoon too. You know what’s so great? That’s just real life. As much as it should be, Mother’s Day is no different than any other day. We’re still moms and our little munchkins still need us. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. missy

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented! but I love this blog! I have so much fun reading it and it’s given me really good ideas! we have made your brownies (YUM!) and chocolate chip cookies (our new favorite!). thanks for blogging!

  3. Aw that picture is precious!! Too bad you couldn’t fully enjoy Mother’s Day – many more to come though! Next year can be double the pampering!!

  4. Maureen

    “Brinner” makes everything better!

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