A recipe good enough to Tweet. (Or, how many times can I type “Zachary Levi” in 1 post?)

I’m not into Twitter. I feel like Facebook & Google Reader do a good enough job of sucking up my non-Munchkin time, so I haven’t bothered to get an account. Plus, brevity is not one of my strengths. I actually get kind of annoyed when I see Zachary Levi’s Twitter updates on Facebook (Yes, I am a Facebook fan of Zachary Levi. Laugh all you want — between “Chuck” & “Tangled” he has become quite a regular presence in our home.) because any time he tweets a link his description is so cryptic I’m mostly intrigued but also partway scared of what I’ll find.

But this month’s issue of Parents magazine asked its Twitter followers, “Do you have a recipe that’s so simple you can actually share it in 140 characters or less?” They posted a few of the responses — none of which jumped off the page at me or anything. But that question got stuck in my head. It became a challenge. Did I have a 140-character-or-less recipe?

Well, I’m pleased to report that after far too long & way too many clicks of the “Word Count” button (it has a nifty character counter too, did you know?) in Microsoft Word — remember, brevity is not a strong point for me — I’ve got it.*

We call it “Russian Chicken.” My friend Mandy shared it with me years ago, & she got it from a church activity.

Bring 1 bottle Russian dressing, 1 jar apricot jam, & 1 pkt onion soup mix to boil. Pour over chicken in a Pyrex. Cover, bake 35 min at 375.

140 characters exactly!

*I couldn’t fit “serve over rice,” or “Can substitute Catalina dressing or apricot/pineapple jam,” or “I usually make a half recipe of the sauce, then store half of that in the fridge to reheat for another time.” Like I said: Brevity? Totally not my thing.

Here’s my challenge to you: do you have a 140-character-or-less recipe to share? Maybe with @ZacharyLevi?

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2 responses to “A recipe good enough to Tweet. (Or, how many times can I type “Zachary Levi” in 1 post?)

  1. Sounds yummy!! how many ounces in the jar (apricot jelly)??!!

    • The recipe’s pretty flexible; add more or less depending on how sweet you want it to be (it has kind of a sweet-&-sour thing going on). I just used the last of ours, so I can’t tell you how much I usually use.

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