Random Acts of Kindness.

Photo courtesy of RAK Foundation

Did you know it was Random Acts of Kindness Week? This week, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is challenging Americans to be just a little nicer to one another. Their Facebook page is providing “challenges” for each day of the week; yesterday’s was to give at least 10 people a smile. In the city, finding 10 people to smile at isn’t challenging at all! The trick is having the courage to do it. I actually got a couple people to smile back at me, believe it or not! Maybe they were tourists.

Photo courtesy of BYU Magazine

As you may or may not already know, we’re kind of ridiculous BYU sports fans around here. (Jimmer & the Cougs are going ALL. THE. WAY. this March! Go Cougs!) Dave Rose, the coach of the men’s basketball team (see outburst of Cougar pride above), was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost 2 years ago after collapsing on a flight. He spoke at BYU’s Homecoming opening ceremonies last October about the many acts of kindness he received from total strangers: people like the woman who gave him her jacket to rest his head on during the flight & deplaned before the flight attendants could give it back to her, & the 10 anonymous blood donors whose gifts saved his life. He said that it “bothered” him that he couldn’t thank them, so the only solution he could come up with was “to be the stranger for someone else.” He, his wife Cheryl, & the entire basketball team continue to commit random acts of kindness, & it continues to change their lives. You can read an adapted version of the address at the BYU Magazine website.

Photo courtesy of I Am Baker

This week, let’s all try to find little ways to be kind without expecting something in return. Or thank someone who’s done you a great service.

Amanda over at I Am Baker baked these adorable cookies for her mail carrier to thank him for braving the even-more-frigid-than-usual temps they’ve been having in Minnesota. Isn’t that thoughtful?

Tomorrow & Friday I’ll have a couple simple paper crafts to do with your kids to help them look outside themselves for opportunities to serve. But the best way to raise kind kids is to set a positive example.

What are you doing for Random Acts of Kindness Week? Writing a note to a friend? Calling a relative you haven’t spoken to in awhile? Giving a treat to your mail carrier or child’s teacher? Helping a mom drag her stroller up the stairs in the train station? (Thank you in advance!) Tell me all about it!


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