Love bug for your love bug.

I’ve been posting a lot of recipes lately. It’s time for a craft. Since it’s February, I’m officially allowed to start bombarding you with pink & red heart-shaped everything.

I hope you’re prepared.

I found this great, easy love bug craft at, which has all sorts of great crafts, recipes, & even coloring pages. It just requires a TP roll, some construction paper, glue, tape, heart stickers, & a pipe cleaner. Obviously theirs looks prettier than ours, but I had The Munchkin help me by coloring the paper before assembling the bug. We’ll say ours is “well loved.”

I also made her a matching hat:

(Again, she helped me out by coloring it a little first.)

Looks like they were a hit…

…while they lasted.

Still, for only a couple bucks & a few minutes, it’s a fun activity to help you & your love bug get ready for Valentine’s Day!


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