Snow day… I mean, month.

Before we moved here, someone told us that it doesn’t snow much in New York City.

They lied.

First, there was the Boxing Day blizzard, which gave us 2 1/2 feet of snow.

Since then we’ve had a few assorted Nor’Easters, including two this week.

We haven’t seen the sidewalk on the way to the train station in over a month.

I got to push the stroller like a sled through the unshoveled streets of Hoboken on the way to a doctor’s appointment yesterday in that horrible sharp snow that stings your face. Yesterday the news forecasted 4-7″ of sleet & freezing rain; instead we got a foot & a half of snow overnight. So the city shut down, which means my husband has a snow day! When The Munchkin wakes up from her nap, I think we’ll head out to play in the snow yet again.

But you can only play in the snow so long before you get too cold & The Munchkin starts chanting/whining for cocoa. So we’ve been spending a lot of time inside. Keeping The Munchkin occupied without resorting to the TV can require some creativity:

I’m open to new ideas. How do you keep your kids busy & yourself sane when you have to stay indoors?



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3 responses to “Snow day… I mean, month.

  1. You move to Texas where you can still play outside in the middle of January.

    We have been having “singing time”, playdates, outings to McDonalds to play on the playstructure, and I recently introduced Mason to the joys of couch cushion forts. Another fun idea is to fill a tupperware with rice and let the kids pour using kitchen utensils (just put a plastic table cloth underneath). Hmmmm…or just turn on Elmo.

  2. Maureen

    Wild dance parties to the High School Musical soundtracks!Oor sometimes Tchaikovsky’s ballet highlights, to mix it up. Sometimes we just break it up by playing in different rooms of the house.

  3. As an Early Childhood Educator for many years, one of my favorite winter activities is indoor camping. Set up a small tent or make one out of bedsheets. Punch out “constellations” in a firm piece of construction paper or cardboard. Turn off the lights and shine a flashlight through the paper. Enjoy the costellations on the ceiling of your tent. Make a “fire” out of construction paper & tissue paper. Tell campfire stories and sing songs around the campfire. Make s’mores as a snack or for a healthier alternative, ants on a log (celery stick/peanut butter(or cream cheese)/rasins. I cut out animal shapes and tape them to the outside of the tent. Shine the flashlight and try and guess what animal is outside the tent. Have fun camping!

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