Quiet games.

Since tomorrow’s Sunday, I thought I’d make one more post today about this new project I’m so excited about. With a very active toddler I’m always looking for ways to keep her reverent & quiet during church, & on Wednesday I think I found it. Our church women’s group, called Relief Society, had an activity to make file folder games. If you haven’t heard of file folder games, you’ve probably seen them. They’re great because they keep your kids quiet, teach them matching & sorting, & everything stays together because it’s all fastened with Velcro! Here are the 3 we made on Wednesday:

You can find these & several other patterns & instructions at a website called Mormonchic.com.

All you need are a printer to print off the pages, some file folders, a laminator & laminating pages (apparently laminators are quite inexpensive, but you can also go to Kinko’s & do it at their self-serve laminator), scissors, 6″x9″ manila envelopes, double-stick tape, & Velcro tape (to be economical we just bought the strips & cut them, but that really gummed up my scissors, so if you can, you may want to get the adhesive Velcro dots instead).

First, print off both pages & cut out each game piece. Laminate both pages–the background & the game pieces–& tape the background page to the right inside of the file folder. Tape it well, not just around the edges (I learned that the hard way–pulling off the Velcro can require some force!). Then cut out the laminated game pieces. Tape the manila envelope to the left inside of the file folder. Stick the “scratchy” side of the Velcro pieces in the desired spots on the background page & the “fuzzy” side on the back of each game piece. There will be more game pieces than spots on the board. The rest of the pieces go in the envelope.

It’s that easy!

What do you do to keep your kids quiet & occupied during church or in the car or doctor’s office?


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